Church Groups

Church Groups: Religious Education



Pre-K & K: Heather Coury
1st Grade: Sabeen Chamoun
2nd Grade: Manal Akiki
3d Grade: Suzy Elghoul
4th Grade: Chris Stabile
5th Grade: Anne Borik
6&7th Grades: Christine Istanbouly
8&9th Grades: Penelope Toscano
MYO - Weekly Moderator Edge & Lifeteen Series
Substitutes: Marleine Bou-Ghazale & Meme Dahdal
Youth: Teacher Assistants+
Lifeteen training ( Abraham Istanbouly and a designated MYA by Abouna)

Activities: Manal Akiki, Emiline Jabbour, Chaden Aldaoud

Community outreach & Volunteer opportunity / Safe Environment: Fr. Wissam Akiki & Sabeen Chamoun

Events Lead: TBD (by event)

Important dates-

September 9 at 6PM: Classroom Prep
As we get ready for the start of the 2022-23 Faith & Heritage catechism classes, we are asking each teacher to prep and set up her classroom. If possible, please plan accordingly for this upcoming Friday.

September 16 :  Holy Cross Paint Night
September 18 : Classes begin
                           Art Exhibition

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