Time for Divine Liturgy

Monday through Friday at 12:00PM English

Saturday at 6:00 PM Spanish

Sunday at 10:00 AM English, Arabic, and Aramaic

The 18th of Every Month at 7:00 PM

Saint Sharbel Divine Liturgy, healing prayers and Blessing with Holy Oil

Dear Parishioners & Friends,

As you know, on the 18th of every month at 7:00pm, I celebrate the Divine Liturgy to commemorate and give thanks to God through St. Sharbel for choosing our Church to grant his intercession and restore a blind woman's sight.

This Mass, on the 18th of every month, is always held whatever the weather or circumstances, without fail.

Please save the 18th of every month and let us come together to give tribute to our beloved patron St. Sharbel and ask him with strong belief and faith, to heal our souls and bodies.

Always remember, that with God nothing is impossible.

May God through St. Sharbel answers our prayers. Amen

Father Wissam Akiki

Important Reminder

As a reminder to all parents of catechism students; our expectation is that your children will attend Mass as well as their Catechism classes.

For Baptism

Please, contact the church office at 602-667-3280 or by email at stjosephmaronitechurch@gmail.com. three Months prior to the baptism.

For First Communion

Your family must be a registered parishioner at St Joseph Maronite Catholic Church and in good standing in order for your child to receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist.

For Marriage

Please, contact the church office at 602-667-3280 or by email at stjosephmaronitechurch@gmail.com. Seven Months prior to the wedding.

For Illness

Please, inform the church office at: 602-667-3280 or the priest of any sick person that you need the priest to visit at home, hospital or in a nursing home.

Also please remember all the sick and homebound of our parish. We wish them all blessings and healing.

Parish Envelopes

If you don't receive the envelope and would like to, please call the office at 602-667-3280 or email stjosephmaronitechurch@gmail.com.

Change of Address

Please, let the church know if you change your home address. Please email the new address at: stjosephmaronitechurch@gmail.com. Or call the church office at: 602-667-3280.


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